Very Minor Improvements

Happy Easter.  I don’t really get into this holiday for whatever reason.  It tends to land right in the middle of us being too busy to care much about it.  Have you seen those inflatable yard bunnies though?  They’re just like those inflatable Santas at Christmas time.  Abe wants one now, but I think they’re like way overboard…

This has been a really crazy week, but so far it’s also been pretty productive.  We somehow were able to get a bunch of stuff done around the house, take Mia to the vet twice because she’s falling apart, and decided to cancel our upcoming vacation.  We didn’t really have a vacation booked or anything, just a time frame that we planned to take off from work.  We’re still going to take that time off from work, but we were just not able to justify spending the money there when we have so many expenses here.  I almost passed out when I got our excise tax bill in the mail on Friday – we’ve never had two cars before and it was quite shocking, plus Mia’s vet visits, and the cost of having to board her for a week if we went away, and all projects we want to get done around the house… it just became too much.  It actually does feel like a load taken off to just say, “eff it.”  There are plenty of local things that we can do to have fun while still working on various projects, and having the flexibility to take a full week to do stuff is nice instead of squishing it all into broken up weekends.

Here are a few sneak peaks to minor improvements that we’ve made this week.

Art (from hung above the fireplace (previously there was nothing there).  Next is to find stuff to put on the thin mantel, and then re-do the mantel to make it more exciting.

I found some topiaries at Home Goods and put them in the front entryway.  I’m sure that I’ll change around how that looks again, but for now it’s better than when there was nothing on that little table.

Finally, we hung some curtain panels in the three windows that are in our bedroom.  I’ve had the panels for a couple of months, but it took forever to find hardware that we both liked (panels from Target, hardware from Crate and Barrel).  The photo is totally crooked, hopefully our window isn’t.

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately.  Not much time for other stuff these days!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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