Explosions of The Strange

Last week I got pulled over by a cop.  The speed limit was 25mph – and first of all, that is ridiculously slow but second of all, I was Only going like 36 or something.  So he pulls me over and asks for my license and registration.  For some idiot reason I only hand him my license, completely blowing off the whole registration thing.  So he says, “is this car registered to you?”  and I just look at him blankly and say “Yes…”  at the end of that exchange, I didn’t get a ticket, but for the next 3 hours I couldn’t figure out why he’d ask if the car was registered to me or not.  This is a town that I’ve been pulled over in multiple times in my youth, and I’m yet to actually get a ticket there.  It’s like they Know how stupid the 25 mph thing is or something.

Last night there was some kind of transformer explosion in Back Bay right where my office is.  This little thing basically crippled that area of the city for a while, even this morning.  As I was putting my dog to bed, I heard a noise and felt a shake… obviously I was like, “WTF was that?”  but Abe just thought it was nothing.  Later, I was getting ready for bed and I heard the noise again and looking out the window far away there was a bright light.  I started yelling “something is exploding outside!!”  Abe came running.  After about 60 seconds it was confirmed that in fact this was normal thunder and lightening and I was just completely freaking out for no real reason.  Although, I would like to point out that the storm came in really fast and left gigantic hail behind.

As for the hail, my husband got up in the middle of the night because the hail was so loud he thought a window had broken and / or we were going to die.  It was so loud, according to him, that if the dog was crying she would be impossible to hear – and that concerns him.  Since I’m a crazy person, I sleep with earplugs so while he was inspecting the situation – I was snoozing like a frog stuck on its back.  Trust me, this is a flattering pose. He couldn’t believe that I somehow missed this entire ordeal.  On the news in the morning, viewers from my town sent in photos of quarter sized hail that was left all over the place post-storm.  This was news to me.

I’m happy that we’ve survived so many bizarre incidents in the past few days.  So much more bizarre family stuff happened in Florida, but since I couldn’t possibly express the situations without sounding like I’m Making Shit Up – I’ll pass on that.

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