The Swim Dress

We’re going to Florida today for a family thing and one of Abe’s sisters cautioned me to bring a one piece swim suit.  Guys, I haven’t owned one since I was on the swim team over 10 years ago.  I went to some crappy Target (unlike awesome Targets) and just found something that fit since the selection was so limited.  This morning as we were packing he was like, “Where is this?  There’s so much fabric…”  I concur, the amount of fabric is startling. I’m pretty sure my grandma had the same swim suit back 20 years ago when she would take me to the pool – flattering it is not.

I just learned that it’s a “swim dress” whatever that means.  Imagine it in black:

I’m pretty sure that’s her disgusted face.
Like “I’m a model and I’m wearing this bullshit?”  However, it doesn’t look all that bad on her – I do not have a model’s body though.

The whole point of this madness is to be respectful of the old traditional people who are both conservative and also do not think tattoos are something that good people have.  That’s fine, this was not something that was forced on me, it was just information.  I can be moderately respectful for like 3 days and wear a potato sack to swim in once, it won’t kill me.

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One Response to The Swim Dress

  1. natasha says:

    haha, it's not too bad! jcrew has one similar so it must be in!

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