I don’t even know

Well things haven’t gotten much better around here – we’re still being worked to the bone and I’m still being pulled in a hundred different directions on a daily basis.  Let’s just pretend that isn’t happening for a moment and consider the rest of the world.

1. There is a really awful stomach bug going around at my office.  Last week a dude was out three days in a row – which is unheard of, with a fever and puking.  Even today, he didn’t look quite right.
2.  Another girl had to step out of an off site meeting this morning so she could puke, and obviously packed her bag and headed straight home after that.  Both of these people sit in my cube section…
3.  Snooki is pregnant and engaged?  What is this world coming to?
4.  We’re going to Florida from Saturday – Tuesday for a big family event.  There will be singing and coordinating outfits…
5.  Tonight, Abe and I saw a shooting star.  Instead of making a wish, we wondered if it was a little plane crashing into the nearest Air Force Base.  Decidedly it was a star – once we didn’t feel the ground shake.
6.  I really want to hire someone to help organize our kitchen.  For all the cabinet and drawer space that we have, it’s completely inefficient.  Is that something only a lunatic does?
7.  Our scale broke last week, and it was the best thing ever.
8.  In somewhat related news, eating has become really boring to me for some reason.
9.  I’m so mad that I missed out on boot season.  I desperately want a pair of black equestrian riding boots which are still office appropriate, but this late in the season there is nothing left in my size.  These things keep me up at night.
10. What happened to Lindsay Lohan’s face?  Fillers or cheek implants?
11.  Viggo Mortensen was in Boston tonight.  I’m really sad that I missed it.  He’s the King of Man afterall.
12.  I finally tried the Lite Moroccan Oil.  Verdict: still too heavy for my fine hair by the end of the day, although probably doing all sorts of good things for it.
13.  Sears sells a t-shirt that says “I [heart] Butt Plugs“.  I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks!  We bought one because it’s so hilarious!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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