Small Kitchen Enhancement: New Faucet

Kitchen faucet before and after.

Above you will see our original nothing special faucet that came with the sink when we moved in.  It appeared that it had been there for a very long time and was beginning to leak at the base which was annoying.  That thingy on the left is our filtered drinking water.

Solution: go to Home Depot, buy a new faucet, and install it.  Home Depot has a Lot of faucets!  It was really overwhelming at how many options were displayed before us.  We chose a $150 Delta faucet that we had in a past life while renting in Cambridge.  It has a button on top to switch from a regular stream to a shower stream, and you can pull the top off and manually hose things down.  There is also now a soap dispenser on the right.  Delightful.  Also, faucets can get really expensive so choose wisely (there were really cool Moen faucets for like $250!)

I can’t claim any responsibility for the removal or installation of the new sink device – Abe did everything.  Apparently there are videos online that you can watch on how to install these things, but it still took much longer than anticipated due to corrosion from the faucet being there for so long plus rust and mineral build up from the water.  A few hours later we had a nicely functioning faucet in a really old and crappy sink.  The sink will eventually be replaced as well.

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