Dining Room Updates

This is our dining room after we painted it light gray (you can’t really tell in the photo due to the lighting – woops).  The furniture was rearranged after this to keep the table expanded to seat 8 at all times, the bar was moved, and the standing lamps were removed to a guest room.  Yes, the carpeting is still there.  We know that it has to go, but Mia loves it so much.

Martha Stewart Chrysanthemum Rod Pocket curtains.  They are sheers but have a really nice texture all over them which makes them far less bland than plain white see through curtains.  I saw these in person before actually purchasing them online at Home Depot.  They seem to be priced differently everywhere (even at Home Depot they don’t have consistent pricing) but I got them for $16 per panel which is ridiculously cheap for window treatments.  I had found many other panels that I liked more than these but they were all in the ballpark of $130-$199 per panel which seems to be pretty standard for more upscale dining room curtains, but like… these are machine washable and we have lots of nieces and nephews and a puppy.  The best part about these is that for $96 (6 panels for 3 windows) we were able to create a much more finished room and much more privacy from the street.  For rods, we also used Martha Stewart from Home Depot satin nickel with crystal balls on the ends rods which are much nicer looking than anticipated – I really like the Martha products at Home Depot.  We had bought these months and months ago and they were just sitting around waiting for panels to be hung.  Yes, we need a new chandelier – that will be phase II when we also do crown molding.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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