It’s Brunch Yo

Over the weekend, a couple of my girlfriends and I went out for brunch at the South End Buttery for my birthday.  I’m a serious suburbanite at this point, and the word “brunch” is not something in my vocabulary anymore so this was a very special event.  Also, anyone who can get me to skip out on the dog park with Mia is a very special person.  The brunch was amazing!  I’ve been eating a lot of really great food lately and this was right up there.  I got a the turkey burger and sure it was $15, but here’s the thing… I get turkey burgers all the time, like all over the place, and this was by far one of the best if not The best.  The thing was smothered in guacamole!  Who ever thought of putting guacamole on a turkey burger?  A genius, that’s who, it’s like this person was reading my secret desires in life.  I got a side of greens instead of fries, which seems like a shitty choice, but honestly they were very good.  I really could have eaten a whole plate of them – the dressing was a very light olive oil with salt and pepper.  My friend got the parmesan garlic fries with her burger and those were equally as good.  I was so caught up in the awesomeness of my meal that I forgot to even ask my other friend what she got… I can’t even tell you, it had two over easy eggs or something.  Her bloody Mary was good though, I can tell you that much – more tomato juicy than bloody Mary mix-y, very like au natural.

The South End Buttery is jammed on Sundays – luckily we had a reservation.  The upper floor is cafe and bakery, and the lower floor is tables for dining.  In typical South End fashion, it was really small and squishy.  People were waiting all over the place inside and outside, so if you decide to go just make sure you make a reservation.  I really liked this place though, you don’t sit on top of your neighbors and you don’t have to listen to too many really obnoxious conversations.  The coffee is good (which is super important), and the waiters are pretty good too especially considering the urgency at which everyone was dining.  Our waiter’s name was Harrison – this is one of my favorite names of all time, and I know that’s not a normal obsession (no I do not shorten it to Harry at any point in time in my head).  I totally want to go back to this place, it’s a gem.

Brunch is something that I’m going to have to bring back into my life.  Thanks for the delicious food Becca and Kerri!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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