Cool Gadgets

Following my cool new products post, I thought I’d keep it going with a cool new gadget post.

The VioLight toothbrush sanitizer – gift from my friend Natasha.  This shit is amazing!  We both use Sonicare brushes, and it’s easy to just pop the heads off and stick them in this little device each night before bed.  With one press of a button, the brushes are completely sanitized in 10 minutes.  This Is Awesome!  I really wish they made sanitizers like this for other items in the household.

A gravity coffee press.  It’s a funny looking little devise, but it’s basically like making an Americano by pressing coffee through a filter into the coffee cup and pouring hot water into the cup to finish.  It’s sort of like a French Press but there are way less coffee grounds involved (which drive me crazy).  I enjoyed it, but the number of steps and cleanup was too much for me even if it provides a richer flavor.

This is the Jambox, and it’s really effing cool even to someone who isn’t super into music.  It allows you to stream music from wherever you want – like your iphone, through this amazing little speaker system.  The sound is far superior to any other speakers I’ve seen and the fact that it’s wireless makes it even better.  Abe takes this all over the house with him when he’s working on projects and whatever.  Also – it’s just really sleek looking.

If someone is looking to come up with something really cool and useful – I could really use a noiseless blender, an exact online pants sizer, and a dog bark translating collar.

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