Wall Decorating – Take 1

We got the idea to do a randomized wall of photos over our couch from Young House Love and admittedly it didn’t turn out exactly how it was envisioned, but the point of this was to put something over our couch that wasn’t Nothing.  We used a mixture of actual photos and prints like The Dog by Picasso (art.com), an elephant print from Etsy, and a couple magazine cut outs just to add texture/interesting colors… of course one of them is food from Bon Appetite.

I know that the square frames aren’t technically white like the rest of them.  We are either going to spray paint them or replace them when we find something else in about the same dimensions.  It’s not perfect – I think that the right side could use a bit more, but hey, it’s a far cry from a stark blue wall!  Plus we were dealing with that weird thingy on the wall that is somehow connected to the old security system.  This is one of those evolving projects.  This is a good starting point and we’ll likely be replacing as we find other interesting frames or shapes as time goes on keeping the white theme across the board.

This project took forever (three weekends) although we move at the speed of snails.  I taped up pieces of magazines in the exact dimensions of the frames we bought at Ikea and arranged and rearranged them a million times, and then I had Abe do it and I was like: ok, that works, we’re done.  We then replaced each piece of paper as we went with the frames using very tiny finishing style nails so we wouldn’t leave behind a mess if we ever changed our minds later on.  The result is a really simple and inexpensive way to decorate a wall (the frames were sooooo inexpensive at Ikea!) and we have some leftover frames for other places in the house so it was a win/win.

Next project is hanging curtains in the dining room – once they get here.  Curtains took me like months and months to find because I was really undecided on how to deal with them.  I really wanted to add some color to the room since the walls are light gray and the furniture is dark brown, but there are 3 windows which means I couldn’t go too crazy with the print since it would be like A Lot of print there.  In the end I decided on something very neutral in color but with a lot of texture and some fancy looking rods.  We’ve had the rods for a long time just sitting in their boxes all kinds of lonely (by Martha Stewart).  I can’t wait to get that stuff up – a dining room doesn’t look quite finished without some kind of window treatments.  Also, it faces the street so the windows look all kinds of weird that you can look right into the room and even further into the kitchen.

Things are moving along – slowly.

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