Product Updates

I am crazy about a few things these days, but especially my skin and decorating the house.  Both are coming along nicely.

I’m always crazy about my skin, but it’s come to a whole new level of insanity.  Now I have hormonal acne which tends to never go away, under eye circles from lack of consistent sleep, and little sun mark / freckle things.  There are a couple newer products that I’m totally in love with.

Boscia’s Restorative Eye Cream

I love this cream mainly because it’s so hydrating and I get really dry skin all around my eyes in the winter.  I didn’t even realize how dry I had become until I started seeing the benefits of this after a few days.  I’m not sure if it’s curing my under eye circles but it is certainly helping with the puffiness.  I was told to use this morning and night, but I’ve switched to using it just at night because it does sort of affect how your makeup is applied.  Wearing eyeliner with it is sort of asking for it to smudge.  You only need a teenie tiny bit per eye because it’s so thick and creamy so this one bottle will last a really long time.  Love it.

Colorscience pro Sunforgettable Mineral Powder

I’m a little bit confused by this product because the one I have is SPF 30 and there are others that go up to SPF 50, however when I was gifted this item it seemed to be just a mineral powder foundation.  Apparently it’s more than that which is nice and also explains the hefty price tag of $45 for a full sized jar.  It claims to be very water resistant and feel light as air providing light coverage – and it does all this. I love the feel of it, and it doesn’t come off as easily as Bare Escentuals.  My skin feels less oily when I wear it, so that’s cool.

Benefit: They’re Real, Mascara

I hate that I love this mascara so much, the name is so stupid, and I totally know that I’ve talked about it before.  The more I use this though, the more I like it and I’ve totally forsaken any other mascara in my makeup bag.  There is  a little spiky stub at the end of the brush that you can use to elongate lashes in the middle and all around, you don’t have to just use it at the ends – that makes a big difference.  $22, totally worth trying because it will change your idea of what lashes should look like and it’s very water resistant.

This post is kind of boring to those who don’t like products, and especially to my dog.

She’s just mad because I’ve watched 9 episodes of Spartacus and she apparently doesn’t like gladiators or Romans or something.

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