It’s here, today is my birthday and I turned 30.  There are a few drawbacks to turning 30: my body not quite feeling young anymore (way more aches and pains), some sun damage spots on my face, and the amount of stress that I feel.  I think there are way more positives with this age: I make more money now than I did when I was younger, my job is better, I am in a really good relationship, I have more life experiences, and I’m just in a really good place.  I don’t know why people fear birthdays like this.  On Saturday, someone asked me if I was 19.  I’m not even kidding, and he certainly wasn’t kidding either.  I do look young for my age, but I use eye cream and I carry a mortgage so you know… 19 isn’t even close.

I had such a nice birthday weekend with my family (Abe and Mia).  Saturday I took Mia to the dog park where she met her first boyfriend!  When we got home Abe and I worked on some decorating.  We hung a bunch of frames behind our couch where before there was just blank wall and it really makes a huge difference.  He did such a good job!  Later on, we found a neighborhood kid to feed Mia and take her out to the bathroom while Abe and I had dinner at Troquet in Boston.  I generally don’t like to leave her at home if I can help it, I just feel too guilty about leaving my baby all alone for a long time.  I’ll get over it at some point.  The food at Troquet was to die for (I got the duck).  I mean sure we haven’t been out to a nice dinner since before we moved in August, but I’m telling you it was one of the most amazing meals that I’ve had.  I think it’s one of those hidden gem type places because nobody has heard of it or knows where it is, but it’s better than most big name restaurants in the city.  On Sunday I took Mia to the park again and she got to run around with 13 other dogs (total chaos).  Later we had dinner with my parents at a local place called The European, but even that food was really delicious and exceeded expectations.  My mom made my favorite cake in the world (yellow cake from a box with chocolate frosting) and gifted me the most thoughtful gift – my nana’s ring.  It’s really all I wanted in the world for my birthday and somehow she knew without me having to say anything about it – and my mother does Not know me very well as a person. Abe also got me a very thoughtful and practical gift – an upgrade to my diamond earrings.  They’re now a very nice size and I’ll never need another upgrade to them.  Yeah, there’s a lot of bling over here but I’m All about jewelry so these were the ultimate gifts.  Some girls like shoes, some girls like handbags, but I like jewelry!

Unfortunately I’m kind of sick with something so I feel like crap and haven’t been sleeping, but fortunately I took the day off anyhow and I’ve been taking it easy after a quick trip to Costco for some Super Bowl party supplies.  Abe is making me a glorious dinner of roasted chicken, carrots, parsnips and Israeli cous cous.  Having dinner made for me is a mega-treat, and Abe is a really good cook!

This has been one of the best birthdays in recent memory, everyone in my life made me feel really special and I truly appreciated it.  I wish that tomorrow wasn’t just another day…

[I got a remote for the camera… we need more practice…]

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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