My Birthday is Coming

I lost my phone… in the yard.  I’ve never lost my phone before, it was tragic but I actually don’t really mind all that much because I sort of hated that phone.  The only sad part is all the photos I had stored on it, but like, whatever.  I do need to manually enter in all my contacts again into another phone but it’s not such a bad thing – I don’t think I need phone numbers of people I haven’t talked to in 4-5 years.  I guess it’s sort of like spring cleaning for an idiot.

This has been a pretty busy work week for us, so we really just need to power through it to the weekend when – dun dun dun – I turn 30.  Some people shed tears over this milestone, but I’m not really all that emotional and turning 30 is just like turning 29 to me.  Another year has passed and I’ve checked off a bunch of stuff that I wanted to achieve.  I guess maybe if you hadn’t checked off a bunch of stuff, then you’d be all upset about meeting 30 without doing all those things… so if you’re reading this and under the age of 30 then try and get shit done to avoid feeling bad/old.

I’m not one to make a big deal out of things like this.  1. it makes me feel like a really selfish person to make demands of other people.  Like those people who are like “it’s my birthday, we have to go to this restaurant and then this club and you have to get me lots of gifts, etc.”  I think those people are jerks, or I’ve just really outgrown that.  2. just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean that the world needs to come to a complete pause and revolve around me.  3.  i can’t stand being the center of attention, it gives me a rash.  4. i very much prefer small intimate events.

So yes, it’s my birthday weekend but it will be pretty low key.  Saturday Mia and I will be heading to the dog park while Abe works for a while.  Later, we’ll be trusting a neighbor to come feed her dinner and let her out while the adults head into the city for a nice dinner date – we haven’t done this since August before we moved and had a dog!  I’m really hoping that this teenager works out and we can have her come by on most weekends to give us a break and relieve guilty conscious about leaving Mia at home in her crate.  Sunday, I’ll be seeing my parents for a birthday lunch at a local restaurant.  Monday (my actual birthday) we took the day off to relax and unwind a bit.  I never work on my birthday if I can help it – my one little indulgence.  This year Abe is taking the day off with me which is a great little perk – Mia will still be going to daycare though, she needs the exercise.

Hopefully, I won’t lose anything else this week and it will be a major win!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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