Back on the Treadmill

Things that happened this weekend.

Our new treadmill arrived and Abe magically assembled it!
I ran on Saturday and Sunday (only 20 minutes each time because I had no muscle strength to go on) and I’m So Sore – like entire body sore: arms hurt from pumping away, abs hurt from stabilizing, and inner thighs hurt the very most.  I guess sitting on your ass isn’t the same as actual exercise.  I’m happy with the model that we chose and there is a little ledge for my iPad to sit so I can watch streaming videos while getting my butt kicked.  You can kind of see Mia investigating the situation, she tried to hop on with me and almost went tumbling off.  It didn’t work out too well for her.

The Marathon Olympic trials were on tv – woot!
I’m biting my lip as I read Running Times, watch the race, and pet my dog all at the same time.  Multi-tasking at it’s laziest.  I am not a track person, like it’s not even worth talking to me about (there’s this guy who sits near me who tries to talk to me about that stuff and it’s like: dude, I ONLY care about the marathon, so just stop, your glory days are over man).  I’m really happy that Meb won the men’s race, and I expected Desi to win the women’s race but she did really well and still made the team.  One thing that I wasn’t expecting was to not see Deena Kastor in the lead pack at all – she did just have a baby this year.  I really wished that NBC had aired this live, watching it hours after I already knew the results from Twitter made it a little bit less exciting – but as you can see Mia was thrilled.

We thought it would be a brilliant idea to go to Ikea on Monday… it was so far from brilliant but it was necessary, everyone and their screaming kids were there. You’d think that at this age Ikea might not be as interesting, but where else can you buy frames for $2?  I had to buy like a lot of frames today, somewhere around 15-20 for a new project going on so this was really the place to go.  I also finally organized my closet it a little bit more by taking care of my shoes with these mesh boxes (I fit two pairs per box).  This might be a “for now” solution, but it works nicely and makes my closet look a lot more spacious.

Yeah, that was a super crazy long weekend!  Would it help if I mentioned that we finally made it to the British Beer Company for burgers and beers today?  No?  Well, that’s all I’ve got.  

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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