Challenges Now Being Accepted

Last night, Abe and I tucked Mia into her crate and headed over to a friend’s house in the city for dinner… dinner was made by a chef, dessert was made by a baker, entertainment provided by a new baby and later Trivial Pursuit.  Going over to some one’s house for dinner is one thing… going over to some one’s house and having all natural red wine and cheese to start followed by a seafood soup with all sorts of things that you didn’t even know were delicious, coupled with a really light salad and homemade croutons, is a completely different night.  This was the best meal that I’ve had in the past 5+ months, I’m not even kidding here.  Our friend is so talented when it comes to cooking, but the best part about it is that he always serves me things that I never would order on my own but still find delicious.

We hung out with their newish baby, and another couple was there who own a bakery (more on the baked goods to come).  Once the baby went to bed, the real idiotness began.  They insisted that we play Trivial Pursuit – Genius Edition.  I was a little nervous because like the whole “genius” edition, I’m no genius.  I believed my knowledge base to be current events, pop culture, and stupid shit that nobody cares about.  It turns out that my knowledge base is Much broader than expected and includes even more stupid shit.  I would like to thank The History channel and Tutenstein for all the shows I’ve seen on for the history of Egypt.  I would like to thank other bloggers for the proper usage of Venn Diagrams.  It also greatly helped that Abe seemed to know everything that I didn’t (like Newt Gingrich has been married 3 times? Yeah, didn’t know that.), and vice versa.  This was the Only time that we’ve ever worked as a team during a game and not killed each other, because we cleaned house and Killed the two other couple teams.  We hereby retire from this edition of Trivial Pursuit so we can go out on top!

After the slaughter, we were served chocolate cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar.  They were like little lava cookies or something, like so super rich and decadent.  THEN we were served tart cherry pie and let me tell you, tart cherry pie is a million times better than regular cherry pie.  The desserts were fantastic and it always amazes me how crazy good our friends are at cooking and baking.  In that respect, we’ve very much dead weight.  I couldn’t even find any flour in the house to make a dessert for later on – who doesn’t have any flour??  We are however, the Trivial Pursuit – Genius Edition Champions!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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