Time is flying by

Things that are going really well right now:

  • Work (surprisingly)
  • Having the Christmas tree in the house with Mia
  • Remembering to water the tree
  • The fact there is no snow yet
  • Our house maintenance (a few important repairs this week)
  • My vegetable eating initiative
  • Our second car hunt is looking up
There are plenty of items that need to get taken care of before Christmas but like whatever, one big run to Costco and 1 big order from Amazon should take care of most of these little issues.  The rest is totally out of our control, but I’ve come to grips with the fact that all I can hope for is no major disasters.  Mia will likely scare all the kids and that’s expected, hopefully she is just able to get through a few days of madness.  We had a huge breakthrough this morning at the dog park with a little girl around 8 years old.  Mia did Not bark at her, and this is probably the first time in ages where she didn’t… sure she jumped up on her but she does that with like every person in the world.  Little victories are still important.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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