Holiday Lights

How many boxes of lights would you say that one might need to light up only 2 bushes?  My best guess was 4 because I am an idiot.  We got 6 boxes just in case right after Thanksgiving and even that was Far from enough.  Back to the store Abe went to pick up 6 more boxes but Of Course they were out of the exact ones that we picked up the first time.  “White Lights” should be white no matter what the brand though right?  Both were LED.  This was a mistake.  To make the best of a bad situation, we decided to simply alternate the strands so maybe it A. wouldn’t be as obvious or B. would look intentional.  I think it looks intentional, but it also looks really bad.  This was the Only night that we actually put them on… we look like idiots.

My Jewish friend said they look like Hanukkah bushes, and I think she may be on to something.  The blueish-ness really doesn’t say Christmas.  So this year we have a nicely decorated tree with matching lights, stockings, and a few other things that my mom dropped off today (think funny stuffed snowmen…) and that’s where our holiday decorating ends.  It’s sort of sad, but only because we failed so miserably in execution.  Next year, we’ll do better!  Abe wants to get one of those inflatable thingies to put in the yard.  One of our neighbors has an inflatable Santa who sits in a helicopter and the propeller actually spins!  I usually hate that crap, but I kind of like that one.

Oh wait, also, our friend gave us this guy:

It’s a dog made out of mesh wire and lights.  We put it up to be funny, but it was decidedly way too flimsy and ridiculous.  The weakest wind would toss this thing across the road and then we’d have to go retrieve it at our neighbor’s house and have to admit that it was really ours.  It lives in the garage now but will probably come back out in later years.

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