Our Tree

December 10th.  It’s not time to panic yet… I mean, it’s slowly setting in.  The reality is that I haven’t done much Christmas shopping at all (notice the 1 gift under the tree so far).  Our tree and our stockings are up, but that’s where our holiday cheer ends.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas yet.

I have no idea what to get anyone as far as gifts, and I don’t even know what I’d want in my stocking.  I could really use a vacation, but there’s just no time for that right now.  We will likely be getting a treadmill soon though, which is like big news.  We have been completely inactive since September and we can really tell.  I’m still down a bunch of lbs. but I’m like super soft, like marshmallow soft.  Never in my whole life have I felt so… unfirm.  The treadmill will be great in the winter, since joining a gym out here was less than appealing.  Gyms in the burbs are filled with dads and high school kids.  Gyms in the city are filled with people my own age.  I think I’ll stick to working out at home for now.  Mia will even be joining the treadmill workouts.  Her trainer uses the treadmill for his dogs to keep them active in the cold weather and Mia needs this as well since she has so much energy.  A tired dog is a good dog.

I’ve also been noticing my poor diet lately… and it’s bad.  It seems that I only eat veggies 1/10 as often as I did this summer.  My diet mostly consists of eggs, rice, and chicken.  That doesn’t sound all that bad but where are the fruits and veggies?  MIA.  After Thanksgiving, I ate pie every single day for like 7 days straight.  At work each day, my friends and I have a “treat”.  This is either a piece of cake, a cookie, Pinkberry, a piece of candy, or a Rice Krispy Treat (mega sized).  I’ve never been big into sweets, but these days they are a huge part of my daily intake since I’m really not eating as big of a quantity as usual.  I am like a walking bag of sugar!  I really need to clean this up and I know the holidays aren’t really the time for this so I’m just going to try and eat some veggies at lunch in the very least and then phase out the treats after New Years or something.  This is normal for the most part I think – to just get sucked into the holidays and forget to eat nutritious foods?

Back to Christmas shopping – am I being overly picky or is there just a lot less interesting gifts out there this year?  I generally have no problems finding things for people but I go into stores now and Nothing looks appealing to me.  Is this season less creative?  Am I more picky?  Neither answer will find me gifts for under the tree…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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