Power Tools and Powering Through Leftovers

Ahhh Thanksgiving is over, but the weekend continues – Hail Mary.

We had friends over Friday night and we were really weird and ordered pizza and Chinese food because nothing says “party in the ‘burbs” more than multiple deliveries.  Also, nothing says Thanksgiving like vodka apple ciders – give it a try sometime.  Some of them stayed over extending the party – or really extending the doggie playtime.  Mia had lots of fun playing with the 2 other dogs, Mom got to sleep in, and Dad cut down a gigantic tree with a chainsaw and didn’t hit the house so we all won a little bit today.

Cutting down a tree is a lot more complex than one might think.  Obviously you need to control the direction that it falls down while taking into consideration the direction that it’s already leaning.  It also really helps to have a friend who has been certified in lumberjacking – I’m sure there is a more technical term for this but I can’t remember what it is.  We have total trust in this guy when it comes to anything outdoorsy or like farmer-like, so when the tree was falling towards the house I only let out a very quiet and reserved “ahhhh….ahhhh… ahhhhhhhh” and then it was down on the ground 5 feet from the deck.  It turned out perfectly since anything that wasn’t the house would be considered A-Ok.  We had a bunch of things to do today, although this giant tree took up Abe’s entire day because once it’s down… it took hours for him to cut it into big pieces and move them off the lawn and it’s not even complete yet.  Why do trees have to be so big? 

It seems like everyone has post-Thanksgiving workouts on their minds.  For my workout I cleaned up what looked to be a woolly mammoth from the floors, did 3 loads of wash, cleaned up loads of beer bottles, did the dishes, and made a really awesome soup with leftovers.  Sure it wasn’t a treadmill interval workout but since it was spread out for a long period of time I think it’s worth something. 

Leftover Super Lazy Turkey Soup Recipe

Green Beans
Chicken broth

Pour a little olive oil in a big pot, then add diced garlic and 1 onion stirring till mostly done, pour in 1 or 2 boxes of chicken broth (32 ounces each) depending on how much stuff you plan on throwing in.  Bring to a boil and add in chopped up pieces of turkey and green beans, add corn and stir.  I added in 4 massive scoops of leftover gravy, and some pepper to taste.  You can skip the gravy if you think it’s too weird, but it does add a nice flavor.  Keep at a medium boil for 10-15 minutes and then you’re ready to enjoy something easy but different than the same old leftovers.

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