Mid-Week Update

A few awesome things happened this week:

Mia is home and is doing fantastically.  Everyday she’s showing us how far she’s come.
Example 1: I took her a on long walk this morning and we passed another dog and owner, and while she wasn’t exactly perfect there was no barking.  She did try to go over to them to say hello though.
Example 2: Delivery guys came today and she didn’t bark at them or try to jump on them.  She was very nice to them even though they were huge and unfamiliar.  She normally would have lost her mind in fear but she was such a good little girl.

Our dining room set was delivered this morning which is great because without it we wouldn’t have enough space for everyone at Thanksgiving.  This is the table without the two leaves, I wasn’t able to insert them on my own… I think it’s really a two person job to get the table open so it does appear to be a bit small.  The chairs are the best part of the set, the crossback is just so gorgeous.  The table itself is pretty nice too – I will Try to decorate this table top… and no I haven’t done the coffee table yet either.

Last night for dinner I used some Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry sauce with our dinner and if you haven’t used this yet and you like curry then you really need to.  This was the first curry that I’ve had in months and I thought it was just amazing.  A bottle is somewhere around $3 and there are no directions or anything, so this is what I did.  1 package of ground turkey cooked up on the skillet about 90% done, added sliced mushrooms and really skinny green beans in there, stirred it all up till things looked like they were cooking well, then added 80% of the bottle, stirred, and put the lid on to let the veggies steam a bit for 10ish minutes at medium heat.  I served it on top of white rice, you can use brown if you are feeling fat… in which case, I do not suggest this meal.  I’m going to go back and buy like 10 bottles, for the first time in a long time my craving for Thai was actually satisfied!  It feels so good.

During our lunchtime walk today, we went through this really pretty neighborhood down the street a bit.  There’s a cul-de-sac and a little island that appears to be communally used for picnics and shit.  These houses are big and beautiful if you want to live in an area where all your neighbors have houses that look Exactly like your own, that was one very minor downside.  I could probably get over that pretty fast.  However, something that I could Not stand for is the sound of the elementary school recess echoing throughout the place.  It’s probably a 5 minute walk away from this place but it was So Freaking Loud – Screaming children!  My biggest nightmare.  We only live a few minutes from this place, but we can’t hear recess at all – or I’d die.  It made me feel really good about our house choice – because there will Always Always Always be a catch when you think you’ve found a really nice house.  Remember that when you house hunt, you really need to ask yourself: Why is this house less expensive than the awesome one down the street?  or This house is almost perfect Except… and make sure you can live with that exception.  I apparently can live with a 90s kitchen but I cannot live with loud noises!

And speaking of noise – I’ve just discovered Pandora radio, and I know that I’m probably the last person on the planet but I really am enjoying it while working from home.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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