Caffeine Addiction

Well, that weekend caught up with me.  I’ve been exhausted and sort of fighting some kind of illness ever since.  Also I decided that my coffee habit was Beyond being a problem, so I’ve started to cut back on that which may also be a source of pure suffering.  In the morning I take a commuter coffee into work with me which is probably around 14-16 ounces of coffee (2 actual cups) and then typically when I get to work I have 2 more Keurig 8 ounce cups totalling 32 ounces of coffee per morning.  That seems totally excessive, and luckily I have the sense to stop all caffeine intake by noon because it has ruined my evening sleep if I have any in the afternoon.  This week I’ve eliminated my second work coffee so I’m down to 24 ounces.  If I really feel Blah after my first work cup, then I’ll let myself have 1 cup of green tea.  Ok, I’ve done that every day…

Just to get an idea of how much caffeine I’m talking about here below is a rough estimate:

coffee 95mg of caffeine
green tea 20mg of caffeine

I’m now down from 380mg to 305mg of caffeine per day and I’m going to keep this going through the weekend.  On Monday I’ll take it down another level to 230mg.  I’m not really sure how it’s going though since it was inevitable that I’d be really tired on Monday and Tuesday after a crazy weekend and I felt somewhat sick.  My tolerance for stupid people has remained the same and I am still tired at the end of the day.

The coffee itself isn’t so much a huge problem as what it’s doing to my teeth.  I have an obsession with keeping my teeth really white and lately I’ve been noticing that they aren’t as nice as they used to be.  Step 1 identify the problem and Step 2 begin to fix it.  Hopefully Step 3 will be freedom from the need to have coffee all morning and whiter teeth.  It’s not such a bad thing if I can just get through this process!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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