Too Much!!

This was the most productive weekend that we’ve had in a really long time – painfully so.

Saturday –
House cleaning top to bottom, even freaking mopping
Yard work: chainsawing the huge branches all over the yard
Lunch in Boston with friends at Sams (awesome restaurant)
Made dinner for sister and brother in law and 2 kids somewhat successfully
Went to Jordan’s Furniture when they left at 8:30pm to buy a dining room set and second guest room mattress (furniture is now Done)

Sunday –
Woke up way too early and got coffee and breakfast
Hardware store
More chain sawing
Abe and a friend spent most of the day finishing up the repair to our shed which now looks great
I collected branches in the front yard and wheeled them all the way into the backyard to dump… 20 times but is now 90% done – woot!  Only the entire back remains.
Went to Home Goods and bought – dog bed, 2 serving bowls for the holidays, dog toy basket, a big roasting pan with rack for turkeys, a dog treat jar, a couple kids toys, an extra blanket for one of the guest rooms, and a cheese grater – all for really cheap.
Grocery shopped
Picked up lunch and sped home
Did laundry including all sheets
Cleaned kitchen from last night’s entertaining
Raked 1/2 of the front yard which is really only 1/8 of the entire yard, and it sucked
Abe made beef stew for dinner

And now I’m waiting for our night of postponed trick or treaters and we seriously both want to die a million deaths.  We are both super freaking sore from all the manual labor and the only thing that would make tonight better is to just sit on the couch without having to get up to answer the door at all.  I think that makes me a lazy jerk but I really feel like Halloween should have been cancelled all together, having it a week later just seems stupid to me.  Then again, I’m not a parent, so maybe it’s different from that perspective — although I hear way more complaining about adults having to walk the kids around in the cold than anything else.

Since these past two days were packed full of ridiculous chores, the rest of the week is sure to be insanely lazy while we recover.  Hopefully we have some leftover candy to lounge on the couch with.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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