I could have lived without that storm…

We were sushi this year for Halloween.  I really loved this costume because it was comfortable, easy, and reusable.  Halloween in general this year was sort of… a challenge.  The weather dumped 6+ inches of snow on us and then our power went out when we had company.  This normally wouldn’t be a huge deal except for the fact that we now live pretty far from most people and it was freezing outside.  It got pretty cold inside fast as well and even with a fire lit in the fireplace, it was way less than desirable.  Two of our friends got stuck here – literally stuck, they couldn’t get out of the driveway.  Another two of our friends took 1.5 hours to get home during a normally 35 minute commute so yeah, it was one of those moments when we were like, “why didn’t we just cancel this stupid party!”

The following day, still without power, we had to go over to my parents house for a family party.  We showered there and then got on with the party.  Later when we got back to our still powerless home we packed our things and headed back over there… where they too were out of power but at least had a generator to power the kitchen, 1 bathroom, and the family room.  Even though this was less than half the house, it was also Way more than we had in our house.  I mean they had heat for 1!  We stayed in my brother’s old room and since it was super dark and there was Nothing else to do, we went to bed at 9:30pm.  I can’t even remember the last time I went to bed that early!  I slept till close to 6am and actually did wake up feeling pretty refreshed.

My town is a complete disaster area.  The snow wasn’t the worst part of it.  The trees were actually the worst part.  I’ve never seen so many down trees before and so many power lines down.  Just driving to work proved to be another challenge with detours everywhere.  Luckily for us, our power came back on mid-day on Monday so I could come home after work and get things back in order.  I didn’t really do all that much but empty out the fridge, take out the trash and recycling and then deal with stupid stuff around the house that nobody even thinks of… like the alarm system.  My God, that took forever and a day to work out.  Also, the garage door took at least 10 tries to get back onto the track.  These stupid little things that homeowners need to deal with are so headache inducing!  Don’t even get me started about all the trees in our yard.  The only good part about that is that we’re hopefully going to hire someone else to handle that.  There’s no way I’m getting out there with a hand saw or a chainsaw, there’s just way too much out there.  I’m also quite sure that our shed got another tree to fall on it.  WHY did the previous owners put a shed right in the middle of a shit load of trees?  Who does that?!  Tip: don’t put your shed under a plethora of trees where damage is imminent and moss is plentiful.

If this Halloween was any indication of the winter to come then sign me up for a fully operational generator!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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