Almost Halloween

We spent a lot of time making our Halloween costumes this year… yeah, we like went out to the fabric store and bought all the supplies and for $52 we were able to make 2 costumes in 2 hours.  Personally, I don’t care if you make or buy your costume — it just tends to come out way more hilarious if you make it.  Life was really busy this week so come Friday night we were like, “Shit, we’re having a party tomorrow night… here at this house!”  So we had to finish everything up and then clean like mad people because by the end of the week this place is consistently and without fail A Total Dump.  We had to buy food, liquor, beer, pumpkins and shovels.  We’ve never owned shovels before and I don’t think ignoring the snow will be an option anymore.

After hours of cleaning and organizing later, the weather report changed.  Instead of a few inches of snow it’s looking like 6-10 inches.  WHY?!  I don’t care if it snows, but if it ruins all of our efforts it’s really going to suck.  I don’t mind eating all the party foods myself and drinking all the beer, but I’m not exactly going to sit around in my costume by myself doing that.  Ok, maybe I will… I’ll have nothing better to do since my dog isn’t around to tend to.  I guess this will make clean-up a lot easier if nobody comes all the way out to our house, that’s a major upside to the situation.

[This is not my Halloween costume, this is just a really horrific outfit]

Another major upside is that we finally hung stuff on our walls.  It only took 2 months.  I’m not even kidding you, it took us 2 months to put 1 freaking nail into the wall and now we have 7 items on display.  I never thought I’d see the day.  I’m really weird about a lot of things, but the permanence of wall decoration is definitely one of them.  I’m all for complete and total commitment except with decorating.  — I just ordered Dwell Magazine yesterday to try and inspire me / make me feel poor and unhip.  A magazine is a lot cheaper than an interior decorator though, so hey that’s something.

This week not much got done around the house.  We relocated Mia’s crate to the office from the family room, and hung 7 pictures… that’s it.  Today the boys are going to repair our shed (hopefully) that was damaged a while ago and I had planned on fertilizing the lawn but I am pretty sure we missed that boat.  We decided to hold off until December to buy our second car for like a bunch of reasons but mainly because in December we can afford to buy something that we actually want vs. something that we feel cornered into based on price.  This is a major relief and now we can focus on laying hardwood flooring and doing the crown moulding in the dining room in the next 2 weeks without me freaking out about the cost.  — I freak out a lot these days.

Something a crazy person would mention right now: 
Pottery Barn is offering free shipping and free embroidery and discount prices on their Christmas items right now – stockings, tree skirts, etc.  I bought 3 of course for a mere $48 which are going to be a lot nicer than our craptastic Target stockings.  Christmas is my favorite holiday so I figure that if I start now buying a few things here and there when I see something nice on sale, then by December 1 we might actually have a decent amount of decoration that isn’t cheap and tacky.  I am really sick of having horrendous holiday decorations, I’m too old for that shit.

Back to Halloween.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to show photos of our super cute costumes tomorrow and hopefully I won’t attempt to drink all the beer myself.  

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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