Laziness is King

Well I haven’t gotten around to decorating my coffee table yet… but I really do appreciate the ideas that people had and I’m heavily considering a nice combination of them.  My reality is that I haven’t had a moment to go out to like Home Goods or Pottery Barn and look at anything in person yet.  It’s just been really busy and like… yeah my house still looks unlived in and uninviting – Oh Well.

My little pumpkin is gone for 3 weeks at Boot Camp, and in the meantime we have to do like a billion things.  The first item on our list is to buy a second car.  We’re really really specific with what we are looking for in this car – dirt cheap, 30something miles to the gallon, used with 30-40K miles on it, and did I say Dirt Cheap?  We started this adventure a few weeks ago and hopefully by the end of this week we can finally close this project out.  Also, we’re throwing a Halloween party on Saturday and the only thing we have is beer and tortilla chips… no costumes, no decorations, no jello shots, we’ve got nothing.  I just realized why we don’t usually like to throw parties – the effort is just too much work for us.  Laziness often pays off, I’m telling you, not having to prep or clean up or any of that is a massive reward for non-party throwers.  We’ve been debating a costume for a few weeks now and the closest we got to locking in an idea was a horse – as in I’m the head and Abe’s the butt and together we’re a horse but apart we aren’t really anything at all.  Turns out those are Really expensive costumes, like $1,600!!  So back to square one.

Other things on our massive To-Do list, and most of which hasn’t even begun yet:

  • Crown moulding in the dining room
  • Hardwood flooring in the dining room
  • Repair the roof of the shed
  • Clear out the garden for the winter
  • Clean the gutters
  • Fertilize the entire lawn ourselves for the winter
  • Finish picking up all the stray twigs everywhere
  • Call the plow guy to put us on his schedule for the winter
  • Paint all the baseboards on the first floor
  • Paint the bathroom on the first floor
  • Order our dining room set
  • Maybe hang some stuff on the walls
  • Curtains for our bedroom
  • Move some furniture around
  • Get a second mattress for our second guest room
  • Replace some shelving in the laundry room
  • Chandelier in the dining room
  • Area rugs for the family room
Obviously all of this shit isn’t going to get done in 3 weeks especially since most of it can’t be done during the week days, but it’s better to make a long list and hope to get through half of it than to make a short list and not do any of it — this happens way more than I’d like to admit.  
For example in this photo there is a white carton of like window blinds in the background with a pink sticky note on it.  This was left in that same exact spot by the sellers of this house.  That thing has sat there untouched for over 1 month.  I just moved the stupid thing yesterday so I could put a plant there, but man, if my plant didn’t need a new spot to sit then that thing would Still be sitting there.  Also, I’m pretty sure that we’re making the same face…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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