I have a couple problems that I could use a little help with.

1.  I would like to “dress” my coffee table, but I really don’t know how.  I’m a minimalist decorator… aka, I don’t like a lot of crap sitting around.  Too many “things” feel like clutter to me.  So anyways, I could really use some advice on how to “dress” this piece (seen below).  I do plan on getting more exciting throw pillows and a more exciting area rug but both of those are also challenging for me.

Suggestions are welcome.  I hear this thing called Pinterest is supposed to help me with this, but I can’t really figure out how to use it… nor can I even see anything on the site.  Not sure why.

2. We need Halloween costumes.  I sort of wanted to be those dancing hamsters from the Kia commercials but it turns out that’s actually two costumes.  1. a hamster, and 2. a hip hop outfit on top of that, so way too much work for these two lazy people.  Any good ideas?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to Decorating

  1. Katie says:

    Considering I am now past the point of addiction with Pinterest, allow me to share a word of warning. Because it is the blackhole of creativity, where you go thinking you'll get a few creative ideas to spruce up your space, you'll quickly become convinced that you not only have the capacity to decorate a room, but that you can easily reupholster your couch, sew throw pillows from scratch, and create a tufted ottoman out of your coffee table (I'm not kidding, look for it on the website. It's one of the top DIY projects– have mercy on crafters). Don't get me wrong- I've pinned tons of ideas, from recipes to holiday decorating to workout stuff, but it can leave you either feeling amped to get going with your projects, or as though you are the least creative person in the world as you sit on your couch and Pin-decorate your home.Good luck 🙂

  2. Jenn Staz says:

    Decorating ideas: get a low and wide dish of some sorts and throw a few thingies in there… i.e. those twig nest balls, marbles or some sort of round objects (rocks, bigger things). Or, if a dish isn't your thing, try a decorative tray with a few candles. Or, just two or three coffee table books? Or a combination of all of the above 🙂

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