Vet on Speed Dial

Last night after work, we made excellent time through the commute and then I ran into the vet office to pick up a couple things for Mia before coming home.  When we got back to the house, we fed her, and then took a good look at our little one.  On Sunday, I had cleaned off her eye a few times but figured that there were just a lot of sleepies in there.  By Monday night, her eye was really red and all signs pointed towards conjunctivitis so we had to take her to the vet at 7:45pm.

The good news: It’s only conjunctivitis and with an eye ointment applied 3x a day, it will go away.

The bad news: I have to insert this eye ointment by myself for the first couple of days because Abe will be traveling. Also, I had to stay home with her today because she couldn’t attend daycare like this… although it’s likely to happen again and again with her being in close quarters jumping all over other dogs at daycare so frequently.  The fee for this visit was higher than the usual vet fee since we didn’t have an appointment scheduled but they really wanted us to come right away to make sure there wasn’t any actual eye damage so it was sort of like after hours “urgent care” type of a visit, so we had to pay $92 vs. the $65 for a regular visit.  Dogs cost a million dollars to own, nobody tells you that, but I will tell you!  Not that we would take her back or anything, but man they’re way more expensive than anyone lets on.

You may also notice in this photo that Mia is wearing a harness now.  At first, I thought it was a bad idea.  My dog growing up had one, and it just wasn’t anything special.  This one, on the other hand is like magic.  It stops her from pulling while walking somehow, and she actually likes wearing it.  If you have a dog who is a terrible walker, then this may be the answer for you.  It gives you more control, takes pressure off her neck, and somehow it really does stop the dog from trying to pull you across the country to chase that squirrel.  We take it off when she goes to sleep and when she’s at daycare, but she looks really cute with it.  The only downside is that she gets stuck under the bed if she’s wearing it since she barely fits under there as it is, so then I have to help her out.  Oh well!  Purple is her color.

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