First night away…

Well it’s happened.  Today was the first day that Mia went to daycare and didn’t really feel like being there.  Unfortunately for her it is also the first night that had to board her because my 70 year old mother and father in law are staying with us for a couple nights.  She’s coming home tomorrow, but it was so hard to leave her there when it was evident that she wanted to stay with us today for some reason.  The sad look on her face was just too much.  Maybe she could sense my reluctance to let go of her leash… who knows?  I thought about my poor little princess every second of the day, and I know that I’m a crazy person.  I’m also a crazy person that does Photobooth with my dog.

The only bright side about this is that they are going to groom her before she comes home.  The smell of doggie daycare better not be on that fur or else… I’m not sure what else but Something will happen. Maybe.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to First night away…

  1. natasha says:

    i do photobooth with pazzo, does this mean you think i'm a crazy person!?!?!

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