Doggie Daycare

This week Mia has been attending doggie daycare.  We drop her off 10 minutes away before work and pick her up when we get home – there really are no time restrictions.  I pack her leftover breakfast since she tends to not finish it and they give it to her again later in the morning.  I also pack her treats and a peanut butter filled kong into a lunch tote.  Mia jumps into the back of our Jeep with a little help and off we go and when we get there she runs right in there without even looking back at us.  They are placed into play groups based on how they play – active vs. less crazy.  Mia is in the active puppy group of course.  Then they are rotated outside in big supervised play areas for an hour and then put back into their crate for an hour for “naptime” or quiet time, which is when Mia would get her kong full of deliciousness.

People have all sorts of opinions about doggie daycare, but all I know is that my dog LOVES it.  In the past two days since she’s been going there her behavior has improved, she hasn’t peed or pooped in the house, she really enjoys car rides now because she knows she’s going somewhere fun, she gets to have fun all day long instead of sitting in her crate at home, and she still loves us when she gets home at the end of the day.  I don’t think that doggie daycare is for everyone or every dog, but I think it’s a really awesome solution for puppies who want to be around other dogs all the time.  Eventually, once she gets out of puppy-hood she’ll probably move on from this day activity but right now it’s going so well for all of us.  I mean sure, we may need to get second jobs but it’s worth it.  The one and only downside of this daycare is that it sort of really smells…. it’s like a giant wet dog exploded in a warehouse.  I’m sure it’s difficult to keep a facility like that super fresh smelling with all those dogs running around constantly, but omg, she comes home and stinks – it’s instant, like right on day 1 she stunk.  I googled it and apparently this is a common problem for doggie daycares because they’re all just jumping all over each other and playing and then laying in a crate.  We tried some freshening wipes when she got home today but they didn’t really do too much.  You’re not really supposed to wash your dog all the time or you’ll dry out their skin, so I am not sure what else I can do – thoughts?

Perhaps, one of the best parts of doggie daycare is that we don’t need to rush home so she can pee.  Monday was a shit show for me at work and we weren’t able to leave Boston until around 6:30 and we got to the daycare around 7:45 which isn’t good for anyone but at least someone was watching her and she wasn’t alone.  The flexibility combined with our dog’s happiness makes up for the strong doggy smell that now lingers on her fur.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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