My two legged dog

We have had Mia for 1 full week now and we’ve now entered the stage where she’s shedding that timidness and she’s testing boundaries nonstop.  She’s been sort of like “mouthing” and like sort of nipping.  It’s more like she’s taking your hand in her mouth and not really biting down or anything, but it’s not a good habit.  She used to sit so nicely next to us near the kitchen table when we ate dinner, and now she begs.  We’ve never given her human food or anything, but she’ll squeeze herself under the table and put her head on our lap or nudge us.  It’s sweet and rude at the same time, we are trying to get her to stop.  On our morning walks, she does so well with me, but then at night she’ll be way more aggressive with Abe and pull nonstop the whole way.  I think it’s sort of strange she doesn’t pull me but she does pull him since he wrestled her to the ground recently to show her who’s boss.  I’m not sure she remembers that moment, I think he should remind her someday soon.  Maybe she knows that I’m weak and doesn’t want to hurt me, or maybe she likes my fast pace.

Today, Abe had to stay like 15 minutes late at work which meant that we were stuck in some traffic on the way home and our poor baby had to hold her pee for like 7 hours but she did it!  I’m so proud.  I didn’t think she would go in her crate (which she doesn’t mind being in typically) but accidents happen and she’s still a puppy.  OMG.  Today might be her first accident free day!!!  OMG!  It’s only 9:20pm so there is still time for something to go wrong, but so far she’s done so good.

Besides my super cute dog, things have been busy all around.  My in laws are coming next week for a day and night so I’m feeling the pressure to finish a lot of ongoing and annoying projects.  For some reason choosing a comforter for the guest bedroom causes me great anxiety and it doesn’t help that the room is super sky blue and there’s no time to change it.  I’ll pick something soon!  And you know what I truly hate?  When people say: You HAVE to do this, or you HAVE to do that.  Guess what?  There is more than one way to skin a freaking cat, and guess what else?  It’s my house.  Opinions are nice and advice is great but being bossy is reserved for jerks and nobody likes that.  True story.  So anyways, I have like a handful of house projects to get done this week and weekend before the in laws touch down.  Also – they’re like 70 so having a new dog is making me really anxious and I’m constantly watching her and wondering, “I wonder how mom will react to that?!  Fuck.”  I just don’t want her to jump all over them and scare them or something, and then what?  They’ll be scared and then she’ll feel their anxiety, and then they’ll hate us.  Ok, no that’s like a total over exaggeration, but you know, it’s a real fear.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to My two legged dog

  1. natasha says:

    Bossypants are not ok. And where did you get the rug Mia is on? I want it.

  2. Laurie says:

    I love how she sleeps! Ha. So cute!

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