Play Date


Mia had her second play date yesterday, this time it was with Bacon (French bulldog) and they didn’t really play very nice.  Bacon is pretty dominant for such a tiny dog and Mia is pretty dominant in her own house.  Also, one thing that she really needs to work on is meeting new people / dogs.  For the first 30 minutes she just goes batshit crazy and then suddenly she just mellows out into the calmest of calm dogs and just hangs out but getting to that point isn’t very fun for the new people… so we need to figure this out.  When the visitors left, she was suddenly all tuckered out and later that night when we went to bed she voluntarily went into her crate and laid down to go to sleep.  It was amazing.  Usually we have to trick her in there with some treats which really isn’t that bad at all, and she doesn’t really mind that much.

It’s 7:43am on a Sunday morning and I’ve been up for an hour walking, feeding, and playing with my dog.  Life will never be the same.  We’re going to Costco and Petco when they open…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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