Elephant Bracelet

How cute is this bracelet?  It was a recent gift by Natasha on a day that seemed to get worse by the minute so it was very well timed.  I love how much detail goes into the clean lines in the shape of the body.  For something that’s so small, I’m impressed at how much care was taken to give the elephant a soft and friendly shape.  Also, this little guy arrived in some Vera Wang stationery – Natasha doesn’t mess around.  I should probably stop sending snail mail on post its…

Mental Note – Christmas list so far: custom stationery, Keurig coffee machine, backyard dog park, hardwood flooring.  It’s all so exciting…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to Elephant Bracelet

  1. natasha says:

    haha! I love that I had a reason to use my pretty stationary! Usually it sits lonely in a bin…

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