A Long Day!

Today was a very special “Mia and Mommy Day”.  OMG.  It was a long day.
6am – morning walk and breakfast
7am – play time, and then she peed in the dining room
8am – second walk
9am – play time / work time
10am – third walk, it was a long one
11:30 – dog walker arrived unexpectedly, she walked again
12pm – play time
1pm – Mia wondering aimlessly around the house looking for Abe or trouble
2pm – Mia annoyed that I was sitting on Abe’s couch
3pm – nap time
3:30 – woken up to Mia staring at me
4pm – short walk with some jogging
5pm – losing mind
6pm – dinner time
7pm – first ride in the back of the Jeep and first vet visit with multiple vaccinations, micro chipping, and a long talk with the vet about how to train her to have more refined manners, a nice fat bill at the end, and we left with some new toys.

Guys, it was a long fucking day.  I’m exhausted from entertaining the equivalent of a 2year old child all day long, and let me tell you… I’m not all that great with kids.  I’m pretty sure the poor thing just stared at me thinking, “god, I’m so bored, why won’t she just tap dance for me?!”  Well, I can only do so much.  Tomorrow is a new day though, and she is going to meet our French bulldog friend Bacon.  Hopefully they get along well enough.  As long as she doesn’t try to eat him things should be fine!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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