I have a problem

Yes, I am going to post a photo of my dog like every single day from now until forever because:

  1. I’ve taken a break from running
  2. I’ve taken a break from dieting
  3. My whole life is the new house and the new dog and I’m Ok with that
I’ve officially dropped out of the Newport, RI half marathon in October.  During our big move and while settling in, running was not a priority and now that we have Mia… I have way too many important things on my plate.  Eventually, I’d like to make a running buddy out of Mia but that’s not for a bit down the road – I think she’s probably still a bit too young.  She really needs that energy draining exercise though!
Mia gets bolder and bolder each day.  I never thought she arrived shy, but she’s really testing limits all the time now… she’s getting real comfortable around here,  She barks at stuff really loudly, like inanamate objects and skylights and anything that seems weird to her.  When we’re just hanging out and she hears something, she’s quick to jump up and start barking at anything that she might scare away.  This of course is both great and awful at the same time.  Having a guard dog is something that I did want, but I also really don’t want her barking all the time.  She’s still having a lot of accidents in the house unfortunately, and I’m not really sure what to do about it.  We take her out constantly and she does go outside, but for some reason she still also goes inside.  I’m pretty sure her favorite thing in the world is peeing on the carpet and the taste / smell of beer. She isn’t really all that interested in human food, but she’s always trying to drink our beers… which is charming.  Mia really enjoys her walks.  We walk her 2 x a day and a dog walker comes around noon and walks her as well, so girlfriend is getting lots of attention and loves every second of it.  Our entire day revolves around her well being – after work we race home to let her out of her crate.  We drive down the street yelling, “we have a dog, and she has to pee, get out of the way!!”
So yeah, we’re totally obsessed with her and it doesn’t hurt that she’s so pretty to look at!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to I have a problem

  1. natasha says:

    seriously pazzo is 10 and you know how many pictures of him a take a day hahahahah. it's cool!

  2. Laurie says:

    I have a whole blog just about my dog, so I'm cool with all the pics, too 🙂 She is a cutie! Potty training is tough, but stay strong. Reward her when she goes outside, and yell when she goes in the house. She will learn…

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