False Alarm

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early at 7am with a list of chores a mile long to complete before picking up our new dog at 2:30pm: grocery store, picked up twigs all over the yard, mowed the lawn, swept the driveway, setup the dog crate, put all the new dog stuff away, laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, called in our first homeowners insurance claim (apparently a tree fell on our shed without us realizing it until now and caused damage), and then made the call to the driver of the pet transport company to get an update of the exact time.  We were told only this: call the number 1 hour before your pickup time to make sure that it’s not sooner or later.  The message on the other side said that they were running at least 24 hours late… and it was really vague.  Like what happened?  I hemmed and hawed and called our rescue coordinator, who I’m sure was on a long weekend vacation or gone for the day.  We obsessively tried to find other phone numbers to call, and then finally we just went to the pickup location and waited to see if they might magically show up.  They didn’t, so we proceded to Natasha’s pig roast without our puppy.  It was a big let down.  We did get to hang out with this guy though:

During the pig roast we called the driver’s number again and got a way more detailed update on the status.  It turns out the big van / truck that takes all the placed dogs from down south to here up north had some sort of big issue and had to stop to be repaired along the way.  During that time, the dogs were let out and cared for while they fixed it up and then they hit the road again.  They expect to arrive at our location tomorrow at 10pm which is not at all ideal since we lose out on an entire day.  Its very frustrating, but what can we really do? We’ll just have to roll with it, I’m sure that guy didn’t mean to have truck issues.  Hopefully our doggie didn’t mind the extra time on the road too much…

So tomorrow is the day, good thing we got 90% of our to-do list done today!  I’m excited to meet her.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to False Alarm

  1. natasha says:

    um handsome devil much?

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