I’m on the hunt for the creation of the perfect vodka dirty martini.  Last week’s attempt was a disaster due to many wrong choices (bad olives, meh vodka, meh recipe).  This week’s attempt was Much improved.  I picked up some martini olives at Williams Sonoma to ensure an excellent flavor (which it totally was).  I switched from Gray Goose vodka to Kettle One, and I made it extra dirty (extra olive juice).

Attempt #2

1/2 cup of Kettle One vodka
Not sure how much olive juice… I think I ended up using 2.5 teaspoons
4 olives
a teeny tiny bit of good vermouth – we’re talking like 1/2 of a 1/2 teaspoon

Due to my lack of cocktail shaker, I choose to load up a big glass full of ice with all the ingredients and then I stir for about a minute nonstop and pour into the martini glass when done making sure it’s nice and chilled.

I’m sure this new obsession comes as a shock to anyone who knows me since I typically don’t do well with hard alcohol.  Here’s the thing: 1 drink sits just fine especially after eating a big dinner and almost all my dinners are large and in charge.  This household has been trying to bring back the whole “cocktail hour” or “post dinner night cap” idea.  You’d think we have like a million more productive things to do in the evenings… and sure we do, but luckily we’re not aiming to get hammered here.  My goal is to mix a delicious drink and then appreciate it while I catch up on my Google Reader.  Next week: vodka dirty martini with pickle juice – apparently that’s like a thing, I totally didn’t make it up!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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