Last City Long Run … tear

What did I do this weekend, you ask?  I should get a trophy for all the shit I did just on Saturday.  If you aren’t from MA, then you don’t give two shits that it’s Tax Free Weekend – woot!  It just so happens to be perfect timing for our upcoming move.  I ordered 3 pieces of furniture, and was told to wait by the phone to know if all was kosher on Sat AM.  I waited.  While I was waiting, I helped the boys load up 2 cars to drive out to a fun filled bachelor party of idiotness including 1 dead pig and tennis raquet bug zappers.  I drove Abe out to the party, dropped and the pig off, and then dropped by Marshalls on my way home.  I got a couple house things, and then ran into the bagel shop and proceeded to choose the most unhealthy bagel and cream cheese combination on the menu.  I figured, hell why not?  I shoved it in my face as I drove the rest of the way home since I had a long run planned and I was starving.  
I was still waiting by the phone by the time I got home.  Seriously, WTF.  Finally, I was like – If I don’t run now, then I’m never going to do this damn thing.  Enter brilliant idea with a bad attitude:
Yeah, it’s only 1/2 brilliant and I totally realize how pink I am right now.  Sure it keeps my phone dry, but what it doesn’t do is make it any lighter.  My phone is really heavy and was sort of awkward to run with.  The run itself was pretty much awful.  For the first time in a long time I hit “the wall” and wanted to DIE.  I hit the wall at mile 6 – as you can see below, and then somehow clawed my was through the rest of the run.  My legs wouldn’t cooperate, my arms wouldn’t cooperate, it was all so painful, the lactic acid was taking over my body and I knew the only way to make it stop was to get home dammit.  This was definitely one of those runs that made me think to myself, “WHY do you do this to yourself… you could be out at brunch you moron.”
The splits are unimpressive.  I really wanted to run by the Charles River for my last long run while living in the city, and instead of being able to enjoy it, I spent 90% of the time dreaming of how good water would taste.
This run worries me for a bunch of reasons, but thankfully my right ankle, right arch, or left hip did not bother me the entire time.  I would like to thank excessive foam rolling for that relief.
After my ridiculously slow long run, I did Jillian Michaels 6 Week Till 6 Pack Abs because I was really going for total body pain.  Then I stretched, foam rolled, and ate lunch.  It was 4pm by this point.  4pm!!  My entire day had gotten away from me so obviously to compensate for that I decided to do a million things all at once – packed 6 boxes, went to Home Goods and TJ Maxx, dropped off donation stuff to my parents house, ate dinner, went to Bed Bath and Beyond, packed 6 more boxes, tossed like a hundred high school pictures where I look fat, and enjoyed a cider.  Sorry, no photo documentation of whirlwind day of being productive, because I was too busy running around like an insane person.
Hopefully, I’m less nuts today… but FYI moving in 4 days, and only 60% packed.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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