Physique 57: Arms & Abs

Holy Eff, this was really hard and it was only the condensed version.

Length: 30 minutes
Equipment: 2 light weights, 2 heavy weights, and a little ball the size of a dodge ball
Difficulty: medium to super freaking hard

This is just one dvd out of a series of 3 Physique 57 dvds that I have, and it seems that it might be the easiest of the 3 due to it being only 30 minutes.  I’ve done plenty of at home workout dvds before, from pilates to barre method to P90X, and honest to God – this is the most intense workout I’ve done so far.  Like any other workout there is a woman to watch to do the beginner version of the moves and then there is someone else to watch to follow the advanced version of the moves.  I stayed right in the middle of things and I even used only light weights the whole way through the arm section and it was pretty painful.  These women do not take breaks!  In P90X you’re allowed multiple 30 second breaks to get water or like whatever, but not here, there’s no rest for women who want to look good apparently.  The instructor urges you to keep going and not to stop because we don’t want “jiggly arms”… I like her, she makes me feel bad about myself and then somehow good about myself at the same time.  The abs section was really good, there were a lot of moves that I’ve never seen before and that hurt in a new and very special way.  You use the ball throughout this section and either squeeze it between your legs or put it under your lower back or hold it and swing it around.  
This is most definitely a good workout and if you have any Kelly Ripa arm jealously, then maybe you should give this a try – she swears by Physique 57.
I’d say that this is a very good complement to my running, however, I can’t imagine doing this 4 times a week.  It was worth my time for sure, and if you’re looking for a new exercise dvd then this is one of the best that I’ve seen so far!

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