The Importance of Strength and Flexibility

I foam rolled and stretched last night for close to 45 minutes and today my body feels almost like new.  Of course at the time it was super painful (how does this not leave bruises?), but it really was worth it!  I was supposed to run this morning but I just couldn’t get out of bed – which I know is a terrible excuse, but I had time to get in a short run after work so it was no big deal.  In fact, I was feeling super motivated and thought today might be a good day to try out some mile repeats on the nearby track.  My Garmin had other ideas though, it was basically out of battery so I sat around and charged it and waited and waited and then finally I was like: Eff it, if I wait any longer I’m staying on this stupid uncomfortable couch!  So I strapped the watch on and I got out there and was surprised at how good I really felt.

Um, I have no idea where those splits came from – but I give all the credit to foam rolling and realizing that muscles just shouldn’t be tight all the time.  This was one of those rare runs where I actually felt energized and able to hold good form.  I did feel a bit out of shape especially with my breathing, there were moments of struggle, but I got through it and then foam rolled and stretched like a mad woman.  My foam roller is my new BFF.

This was a good one for me, and it really perked up my otherwise very bland day.  Tomorrow morning, I’m going wedding dress shopping at 8am.  Do you know anyone else who tries on wedding dresses Before work?  Well my friend and coworker does apparently!  I was like, “…what?…8am?…………….Ok I’ll meet you there!”  I really am happy to go with her to do this because I know how special it is to some people (not me) and she was the runner who gave me insanely great advice on my injuries, but the early hour is something that nightmares are made of.  I’ll have to consciously remember to smile and be encouraging and give good feedback as opposed to yawning, having a zombie expression, and not speaking before 9am.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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