A Long Run with Some Ankle Annoyance

I can’t even be bothered to look at my half marathon training schedule right now.  The thought of following structure right now just annoys me and I’d rather do my own thing, but obviously I need to make sure I do the important stuff on my way to Newport, RI.  My loose interpretation of any sort of training schedule is to make sure I get in my weekend long run as the #1 priority.

Today’s long run was not very fun…

1.7 miles to the gym
4 miles of “rolling foothills” on the treadmill, level 4
1 mile of 1.0% incline on the treadmill
1.7 miles home
Total 8.5 miles of pain and there was some walking in there

I felt really out of shape and like my endurance just didn’t show up for the party.  I’ve been thinking a lot about heart rate lately and I don’t really understand all these online heart rate calculators where you only enter your age.  That’s it?  It takes nothing else into consideration?  If that is the case, my target heart rate is 134 – 162.  My average heart rate on the treadmill today was 170 – 172.  This is not good.  I’m working really hard to do something (with less oxygen, therefore less efficiently) that should be not that hard for me, aka I’m not really in great shape right now.  I didn’t need my heart rate to tell me that one though, that run was hard and now 6 hours later my ankle is killing me.  During the run it was just barely noticeable, but now it’s really just screaming.  Good thing I picked up an ankle-specific ice wrap…

I’m still pretty sure this is still just a tendinitis issue, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.  The only real solution is to stop running for like 5 weeks and… well I just can’t do that right now.  So my second best solution is to be good about icing it and stretching and wearing compression socks post long-run.  When I’m at work, I elevate it if it’s bothering me by turning over my recycling bin (genius I know) but elevating only does so much.  I don’t understand how I keep getting injuries from running when I’m not really running all that much or that often, it’s just non-stop and annoying!  I think I will finally call a doctor this week, if only to just confirm my problem before not listening to the recommended prescription of rest.  After Newport, I’ll plan on taking a good few weeks off if this is still an issue.  

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