2 Dinners and 1 Dessert

Rainbow sherbert on Castle Island in Southie after dinner out with girlfriends.  The people watching at this place is like A-mazing.  People are doing the weirdest shit, and it’s very hard to figure out any one’s story.  Apparently ice cream and fried foods bring the masses together.

I’m sure that people were looking at us being like, “what the heck is with those girls?”  Whatever.  I love dessert.

Shamelessly, I went home and ate half of abe’s leftover takeout for my second dinner.  My first dinner was not that great… we went to Local 149.  We started with fried pickles and other pickled things, and some fried cheese.  They were interesting starters, not your typical fried pickles or your typical fried cheese.  My entree was the braised brisket grilled cheese and a peach sangria.  The sandwich was just Ok, it was really greasy and small and not that special… and this is something that people Rave about.  Well, I love food and this was not one of my top sandwiches ever, it was sort of disappointing.  Even the onion rings were disappointing, they were pretty bland.  My meal was a solid C, but my sangria was a solid A!  I would give this place another shot, but it’s not on my list of favorites.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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