Hot Summer

I got a haircut.  It’s strikingly similar to the haircut I had before.  Imagine that my living room is 90 degrees right now and it’s 7:30am – it looks even better now right?

This heat around here will not quit!  It makes looking nice really hard, and looking halfway decent is a really good day.  Makeup melts off, hair goes flat, clothes stick to body (The AC is never on in the stupid train).  Never fear, we have 3 AC units running in our apartment with 1 fan (it’s still 84 in here right now) – conserving energy is not really our thing, we’re much better at conserving our moods and spirits.  If we lost power right now, we’d high tail it right out of here to the first hotel even at Boston prices to stay cool.  We aren’t good with the heat or the cold, we’re very high maintenance when it comes to temperature and I’m Ok with admitting that.  My dream is to walk around with one of those little fans with a squirty thing to mist oneself with – all day long.  This dream just emerged today, but I think it’s an achievable one.

Two more days of this heat wave.  Two more days of people losing their shit over the hot weather.

My hot weather tips: run early – like before the sun even rises, hydrate all day long even if you aren’t going to be outside, wear loose clothing, reward yourself with an ice cream if you can find a place without a crazy line, do not swim in a public pool unless you want to swim with a dead body, kiddie pools work better, wear deodorant people, and don’t waste your time with makeup…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Hot Summer

  1. natasha says:

    you could high tail it here, i'm pretty sure i keep it at a chilly 65, hahaha.

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