Perverts Are Not Welcome Here

Having a public blog, I understand that everything I put out here really is just sitting here for anyone and everyone to view at their leisure.  I really don’t have anything to hide: I’m not a criminal, I’m a good upstanding citizen with not even a speeding ticket in the past 10 years, I don’t litter, I always recycle, I say Thank You to the bus driver.

What I really don’t appreciate is people who have fetish fantasies who pray on innocent bystanders thousands of miles away.  The thing is that there are so many fetishes and obsessions out there that you can’t possibly predict what is going to turn that jackass on the other side of the country on.  For example, things that definitely don’t turn me on: girls who sweat.  Things that definitely turn someone else on in a forum with photos of sweaty girls (most of whom are just runners like me, nothing sexual about running while fully clothed).  So you see, sometimes there’s nothing you can really do.  My advice is to just check your blog traffic if you have a blog, or just make sure all the public photos you have of yourself are sort of locked down or in a place you consider to be more private than not.  I was pretty horrified when I saw that 149 people had come to my blog in one day through a linked photo on a really inappropriate forum that I posted here last year during marathon training that 99.9% of the population would not find interesting at all.  I mean, there was nothing nice about this picture at all.

This is something that people probably deal with all the time, people much more amazing looking and talented than me.  I took down that photo, and the traffic from that site stopped.  I reported that website to Flickr, although I doubt they will do anything about it since there were at least a dozen similar forums going on with similarly disgusting people posting images and links to totally unknowing women.  I want my blog to be public because if i wasn’t then I wouldn’t have an audience, how does one keep the perverts away?  I mean, I could limit my photos but I really don’t post all that many as it is.  Advice here is welcome.  Perverts are not welcome.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to Perverts Are Not Welcome Here

  1. sarah says:

    I try not to post pictures of myself (I forget, but I do a lot less than most bloggers). This has mostly to do with anonymity, but I imagine having my picture photoshopped for porn purposes would be a good reason not to do so. You have a right to be creeped out. But at least they are just creepers, and not full-on aggressors. It's the price we pay for being active contributors to an online community.

  2. Laura says:

    The worst part is that I wasn't even photoshopped. It was my Actual Face and Actual Body… like it was just me as I am on an every day basis. I know I'm pretty fantastic looking but come on, how rude?!

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