How Do You De-Stress?

We almost have the house, it’s not very far away from being 100% guaranteed.  Everyone is like, “aren’t you so excited to be buying a house?”  Answer, “not really… more stressed about the entire situation.”  I’m glad that we’re finally making a good financial decision and buying something at an awesome mortgage rate instead of renting an apartment that we loathe, but leaving a nice area and moving into the ‘burbs is really scary.  I am sure it will be fine – there is a Chili’s down the street that we’re both beyond excited about (for reals) and there are a lot of overall positives.  On the other hand, it seems like the amount of projects and things that we need to think about (even though we didn’t buy a freaking fixer upper) is really stressing me out.

Obviously not all of the items will be done immediately, but some of them are a real must – like we need a freaking refrigerator (the sellers decided to take it last minute).  I’m completely overwhelmed with the tasks at hand being a first time homeowner.  In complete and total honesty, the most I’ve ever done is paint a room and replace a light bulb or two.  It’s getting to me.  I’m feeling really worn out and this process has been really hard on us, there are things that we already disagree on.  
My running has been going much like the house process: slow and agonizing.  You’d think that maybe having this extra stress would get me out there more for longer runs.  Instead, what I’m finding is that I’m still getting out there 3-4 times a week but each and every time has felt hard, slow, and not very fun at all.  I’ve been incorporating light weights and a longer stretching routine (especially before bed), but so far I’m not feeling any benefits besides soreness.  I’m feeling really frustrated in life and it’s funny how that carries into all areas not just one part.  My solution to this starting tomorrow is trying to take my focus off of feeling good – I know that probably doesn’t make any sense.  This week I will integrate some hill running, because that will be pretty slow anyhow.
How do you deal with stress?  I hear yoga is good for this, but yoga scares me and that is one of the activities that I really don’t want to go to alone.  I’ve been drinking a lot of wine, but that isn’t really helping anything besides making it easier to pack up the remaining bottles (if there are any).  I am just overwhelmed and although it doesn’t keep me up at night (unlike Abe) but it just leaks into other parts of my life instead while I’m awake which is also no good.  The worst part is that it’s really not going to get any better anytime soon either!  I’m sure it will only be worse once we move in – scary.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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