4th of July Weekend Wrap-up

Happy 4th of July weekend to all 15 of my blog readers!  I hope you all had a nice relaxing time and ate a lot of delicious food.  I had a really annoying cold the entire time but I still went out and had some fun.  On Friday, we got out of work early and met with a mortgage broker (snooze) and hung out with my parents for a little while before laying low in preparation for the rest of our weekend.

Saturday after a disastrous short run, we went to a local BBQ to celebrate a friend’s birthday and the almost arrival of his baby.  He’s a chef and fed us the most delicious cheeseburgers and homemade sausage, it was like a lot of meat, vegetarians were not welcome at that party.  Ok, they were welcome… technically there was one there, but I have no idea what he ate.  Is beer vegetarian?  I heard a rumor that certain beers are not, but I guess I’ll never really need to know the answer to that.  We had a lot of fun but it was a long day out in the sun and I was really happy when we arrived back home.

The first thing we did on Sunday was go to our friend’s bakery to rob them of all their pastries.  I ate like 4 before we even got out of there, they’re so tasty.  Once Abe dragged me away from the croissants, we went to our friend’s house on a lake where I ate and drank from the second I got there to the second I left.  It was just a nonstop rotation of foods.  I can’t even remember everything that I ate but I’ll try – chicken wings, pizza dip, pulled pork, brie and apple grilled cheese, a hot dog, pasta salad, stromboli, chicken and broccoli, salad, crab cakes, sweet tarts, and 2 glasses of sangria and a beer.  The grilled cheese was made by Natasha and the green apple and brie together was like a dream.

After we stuffed our faces for 6 hours, a ton of people climbed into a boat and we headed out to watch the local fireworks.  I’m not really someone who cares for fireworks but these ones actually were pretty spectacular.

The best part about these fireworks was how insane everyone around us was.  There was patriotic music blaring from everywhere and there were probably a few hundred boats on the lake to watch, I’ve never seen so much boat traffic before.  It was pretty awesome to say the least… so nautical.

Today on the actual 4th, I slept in late and went for a way too hot and sweaty run where I felt some congestion in my chest and I was also sorely out of shape.  We had to prepare our apartment for potential tenants to come through, so we cleaned like mother effers… well I cleaned like a mother effer for like 3 hours: organizing, dusting, washing floors, throwing stuff out, etc.  It was exhausting, but at least we have 3 window AC units blasting to keep us mostly cool and I finally found my compression socks that had been hiding for the past couple of months so that’s cool.

I would pay a million dollars to have the rest of the week off from work.  Instead, I have a week packed full of meetings (WHY?!) and poor person packed lunches.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to a few morning runs too!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to 4th of July Weekend Wrap-up

  1. natasha says:

    maybe there is really a lot of food served at my house, you should also mention the "candy drawer" in your visit here.

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