Reverse Route

Morning runs this week so far = 2 (Monday and Wednesday)
How did they go?  Man, it’s getting hot out there in Boston even at 5:45am it’s already 70 degrees with high humidity.  That’s just crazy, but it’s still way better than after work at 7pm when it’s even hotter outside and there are more people out in about (and in my way).  I’ve been having a hard time breathing, and it’s really my own fault, I’m not taking care of myself.  When my allergies are bad, then my asthma is bad, they go hand in hand.  I ran out of Zyrtec last week and I keep forgetting to get more.  By the time I remember, it will probably be August!  I have my inhaler at least.
This morning I decided to try something new, or new to me anyways.  I took my usual route and ran it in reverse.  This is generally recommended to keep away boredom and it’s like mixing it up without really mixing it up.  I think it made it harder somehow – my brain was too active when I sort of wanted it to stay asleep.  Usually, my brain feels totally and completely shut off until I hit around 1.3 miles and then I’m suddenly like “OMG I’m running WTF!” and then it becomes a little bit more labored for me, and so this time it felt that way the entire time.  I actually had to think about where to turn and stop and look for cars, when it’s usually just total reflex.  This route reversal is probably better for a run later in the day for me and anyone else who likes to run while half awake.  I followed my run with some core work that I remembered from an old pilates dvd and then I basically melted into myself in the heat of our apartment while stretching out.  Central air cannot come soon enough, this window unit AC crap is total BS. 
Oh and surprise, I have to start training for the Newport Half soon… that sort of crept up on me.  I did sort of forget how much less time you need to train for a half than a full, only 12 weeks vs. the 18 weeks for the full marathon.  I am going to loosely follow the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Training Program, and I say loosely because I’m not good about following track workouts but I follow the long run schedule as closely as possible.  The intermediate program is for someone who has already experienced going through this at least once before and is ready to alter goals from “just crossing the finish line” to improving upon previous time.  It’s too early yet to really have a goal time, but two years ago I ran about a 2:10 in San Francisco which… with the hills isn’t so bad and it was my first distance race ever, but in Chicago my split at the half was 2:00 so I know that this one will be under the 2 hour marker, it’s just how much I’m not sure on yet… 2:50 would be a good place to start.  I have pretty much no talent in the distance field, but I like the half, it’s long enough to feel like you’ve really worked for it but short enough that you can walk the next day.  It’s a very reasonable distance for people who don’t have a ton of time.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but it makes me laugh (this was done in Vegas).  They took our faces and put them onto Star Wars characters… which Almost works… I mean they made me white and then they didn’t exactly fit Abe’s face quite right, but it’s still hilarious.– also, this is what I look like without bangs.

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