First Weekend of Budgeting

Since last week our finances have dramatically changed.  It’s about time too, we were never really good with our money because we had no reason to be.  Now that we are facing the realities of home ownership and every yearly cost that comes along with it, we really need to cut out all of our stupid expenses and be more careful about where our money is going. 

Friday night:
Usual dinner – dinner out somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 or a ridiculous amount of takeout $50
Actual dinner – $28 for pizza and salad delivery… slightly over priced but still cheaper
Store – picked up ingredients to make a few dinners for my parents while my dad is recovering from surgery next week and a handful of items for us at home $37 and bought almost every single thing on sale or for a fraction of the price I would have paid at Whole Foods… this was a serious eye opener considering some of it was organic.  I had two bags bulging full of food and $37 at Whole Foods would have gotten me 1/2 of that.  Also, the delivery of said dinners to my mom made her really happy for a very small amount of cash.

Lunch – mom and dad picked up the tab for Chinese food after a 3 hour long house inspection.
Dinner – leftover pizza and salad with a hard cidar… usual dinner would be at a restaurant with friends and drinks somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.
Store – I had to go to the pharmacy to pick something up $0 copay and Abe needed some allergy medicine.  Usually I would just buy whatever, but this time I brought a $3 off coupon and also have a special health care card discount on store brand products so we saved $7.50 off a $21 for 90 allergy pills.  I was pretty freaking happy about that deal!

Lunch – we stopped and picked up sandwiches and drinks for us and my mom on our way out to see them quickly, $24.  We don’t normally go out for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, so this is a bit out of the usual routine, but we were sort of stuck doing it due to timing so I’m glad we kept it on the cheap.
Gas – Our new car has a much bigger gas tank than our old car which is sort of good and bad… but instead of filling it up all the way, we only filled it with $30 worth… remember back in high school when you’d only fill it with $5 or $10 at a time?  This is sort of how that felt…
Dinner – $0, leftover ingredients from my grocery store visit on Friday and some pantry items.

Besides feeling a bit poor, I was able to fit in a run this morning before doing a million other things so I could feel a bit out of shape too.  It was my first run in 5 days and so I knew that I was going to feel slow, which I totally did.  It didn’t help that it was hot and humid out there but my splits were really really bad… at one point, I questioned the accuracy of my Garmin.  Since I knew that the run was going to be unimpressive, I decided to add in some stadium stair running – and you would think that would make it worse, but I think it really helped me.  Doing something different within a run makes it go by faster and honestly running upstairs is pretty enjoyable.  I am still having trouble with my angle/tendon/calf post-running.  After taking 5 days off, I’m surprised that it’s still there but it is so maybe it’s time to try something else.  Someone on Twitter suggested yoga, and I have been thinking a lot about yoga and weight training and how they can improve my running so maybe this week I can try and add a little bit in and ease into that… sigh, we’ll see.  Maybe this week I’ll continue to think about it more while I’m helping my family out after work, and next week I can actually do something about it…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to First Weekend of Budgeting

  1. natasha says:

    I'm so proud of this I should try it, seriously. K is trying her Zumba DVDs this week.

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