Almost a Done Deal

Today we had the inspection done on the house that we could potentially own in 2 weeks out in the suburbs… this is all happening at a swift and uncomfortable rate.  Last Saturday, we got a “first look” at this house before it was officially on the market and immediately we placed an offer thinking that they would just laugh at it and wait for a better offer to come around.  On Sunday we left for Vegas for a 4 day vacation, and spent half of it negotiating with the sellers.  We ended up compromising on a fair price, and then set up the inspection for today.  Our home inspector was Fantastic, very meticulous and really good at pointing out things that weren’t necessarily wrong but things he thought we should keep an eye on.  My parents came along and saw the house for the first time – my mother was trying to contain her overwhelming joy that we bought a house so close to them (15 minutes away), and my father was trying to contain his overwhelming joy that it wasn’t a piece of shit.  The inspector found a lot of little things that we are going to bring back to the sellers to ask them to fix or compensate for, and we have pending radon and well water tests as well.

This house is great because we can move in without having to really do much to it at all.  There are some updates that we’ll want to make over time such as new cabinets, counter tops, appliances in the kitchen, new flooring in the kitchen bathrooms and dining room, new light fixtures, new front steps, and a couple little odds and ends.  There was only one medium sized project that needs attention immediately having to do with rot on some of the trim on the outside of the house but it’s a very small amount and should be taken care of without too much money or stress.

The home itself sits on 2 acres of land so my dad is going to sell us his sit down lawn mower and leaf blower for an amazing deal – I’m pretty sure he’s only doing this because he can’t wait to upgrade to something even more powerful for his yard (expect a hilarious photo of me sitting on our new lawn mower with a beer in hand… is that illegal?).  Taking care of that amount of yard isn’t something that I really had thought too much about… but now that I’m thinking about having to water all those plants, I am starting to worry… it will be alright, I just can’t forget this time.

I’m starting to worry about a lot of things.  Sure, I’m ready to leave the city, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t at least a dozen concerns swirling around my brain.  Perhaps the biggest one is how broke we’re going to be for the next 6 months.  Most people forget that buying a house also means paying homeowners insurance, taxes, trash pickup (in our case), well maintenance (in our case), chimney maintenance and cleaning, higher utility bills, security system?, and upkeep of all things home related from the inside and out.  I’ll get over the money issue because living out there also means that we’ll spend less money on most things like groceries, dinner, car insurance, all social activities, dry cleaning, shopping, basically everything else is cheaper being further from the city.  This also means that I really won’t have any running buddies, I won’t have my group runs or my running friend up the street to hang with, and I won’t have an awesome gym to workout at, no crazy awesome yoga studio (I don’t even do yoga, but this concerns me), reliable ethnic delivery is probably going to be a major challenge to find (it’s ok to call it ethnic delivery right?), it’s really all these little things that sort of nag at me.  This new town is very country-ish, which is great, but it’s also very void of things like City Sports, Target, and malls.  The good news being that I do still work in Boston we do still have access to stuff when we need it. 

Anyways, this has been a whirlwind way to buy a house – and if everything continues to go smoothly, we’ll be out of the city in August and into a house 35 minutes from Boston where we will eat bologna sandwiches on paper plates while sitting on lawn chairs in the new family room.   

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