Just a trip to the cape…

We spent the weekend in Falmouth with our friend at his parent’s house, which sounds like it might not be all that cool but once you pass a certain age staying at some people’s parents house actually turns the corner from being really lame into being really cool again especially when they spoil the shit out of you.  We were there with two other couples and it was a seriously awesome weekend full of many many cocktails, bad weather, and first time adventures.

You think I’m wearing that helmet and standing next to a Coke machine for fun?  Oh no, we decided to take a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard so we rented some scooters to get around the island.  It was pretty cold that day and slightly rainy but that didn’t stop us, and honestly I loved every second of it.  Scooters are the most fun thing ever, especially in a quaint little vacation town.

If you’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, it’s totally worth the drive and ferry over.  Even in shitty weather, it’s the best afternoon you’ll ever have.  We rode all over the island and went shopping and had lunch at Nancy’s.  I don’t remember each particular place we stopped but this was definitely in Oak Bluffs at the Flying Horses Carousel – the oldest operating carousel in the country where you lean off your horse and grab these little rings as the carousel is turning as a game, it made it much more fun than just sitting there going around in a circle.

Later, we were walking around admiring the waves in the ocean due to the crazy wind… and I decided to take a picture of myself and Abe and when I looked at the photo it turned out that Abe was not even there.  It was just an embarrassing self photo… yes, my hair is crazy, it was one of those bad hair days.

Right when we were going to head back to catch our ferry it started down pouring and the boys decided to put the girls in a cab and they’d take the scooters back to the rental place.  They were heroes battling that rain!  To make it up to Abe, I got him a warm and dry women’s size large sweatshirt… I didn’t realize it was not a guy’s sweatshirt until he stood next to a women wearing the same exact one but it fit her better… Abe was embarrassed.

Mike’s parents were cooking dinner for us so we tried not to eat too many awesome island snacks because they were preparing a seafood feast: lobsters, clams, oysters, corn, potatoes, and lots of cocktails. 

I ate the entire thing.  Normally I am just a tail and claw kind of girl, but I took the extra time to make sure that I got every piece of meat out of the body and the legs and the little swimmers.  It was worth the time to eat every bit of the sweet meat inside this thing.  We stayed up late being ridiculous and slept like babies in the silence of Cape Cod.

Our little weekend vacation is over and it’s back to an super disorganized apartment and a list of to-dos a mile long.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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