A Run and A Recipe

Mondays are the worst.  I knew that if I didn’t secure myself some kind of group/friend run that I might just sink into the couch and never get out – that’s the kind of day that I had.  In order to get home today, I took a bus to the subway to another bus and got home over an hour later.  The car is still in the shop, they didn’t have time to look at it today for some reason… they apparently have a lot of broken cars to fix besides ours.

Luckily my friend A was available for a 3.5 mile easy run around our neighborhood.  The pace was much slower than what I would have done alone, but it went by much faster having someone there to talk to the whole time.  I’ve been told a hundred times how great it is to go on running dates with friends but I just never really had anyone to indulge with.  You know what makes an easy run harder?  Talking a mile a minute while running… running and talking and breathing is way harder than I thought it was.  Once I settled into a pattern things were fine, but for the first 10 minutes I was like, “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”  It’s cool though, you know what’s harder than that?  Having dessert every day for 3 weeks and then one day just not having anything in the house that can qualify as a treat.  I’m going through withdrawals or something, like I’m ready to tear out my hair and run around screaming.

Dinner was really nice, I adapted a recipe that I found in Everyday Food.  It’s a really light and quick to make salad, so Abe didn’t exactly love it, but I did.

1 cucumber
1 package of baby tomatoes
1 red onion
olive oil
feta cheese
1 lb green beans
I do 8 shrimp per person, or whatever you choose

  • Chop a peeled cucumber, baby tomatoes, and a little red onion, throw together in a bowl with a bunch of feta cheese, sprinkled with pepper and add a tsp of olive oil, stir and put in the fridge for 20 mins. while everything else cooks
  • Steam green beans till cooked but still firm
  • Cook shrimp in a pan with butter and garlic for about 10 minutes till pink and cooked through, remove tails either before or after cooking
  • Lay green beans on the bottom, the salad in the fridge, and then the shrimp on top
For a hefty serving of this meal it’s about 500 calories with the feta cheese being the calorie heavy item so you can adjust that as necessary.  The real recipe called for garbanzo beans and I meant to use them but I totally forgot, I’m sure they would work well in this meal though.  

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  1. natasha says:

    yahoo for everyday food!

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