Car Shopping is Around the Corner

Once a week posting… I guess I will have to work on this.  Life got busy, and I kept forgetting my camera oh well.  There was a moderate amount of running this week with a 3.5 mile Boston edition of the Corporate Challenge – which I totally hated from start to finish.  12,000 people do not fit on Commonwealth Ave., I’ve never felt so squished before in my life, so yeah it was a slow run and full of really annoying moments.

Friday night we joined Costco.  Yeah, I know, this is the very exciting life that I lead.  It was slightly under-whelming, but it had potential and I’m excited to go back.  I was really hoping that they would sell a package of 50 compression socks but it turns out that was a pipe dream… they don’t even have compression socks.  They do have 7 foot teddy bears, and 5 pound boxes of bacon though.

Saturday, we ate at a mall food court (one of my favorite past times) the line was too long at Sakura so I had to settle for that Cajun place…which actually was serving more of what I consider to be Chinese food.  I really don’t know why I find the food court to be so totally awesome, but I love it.

I bought a new dress (Plenty by Tracy Reese, her dresses fit So Perfectly and they somehow create curves where no curves exist).  Ignore the weird reflection on my feet and the horrible location for a top to bottom shot… there was really nowhere else.  The shoes were also really awesome, really really comfortable and I got them for a bargain price at Nordstrom Rack!

While we were shopping, we had our car washed and a fuse blew in the car somehow, and we couldn’t unlock any of the doors, but luckily Abe figured out the problem and replaced the fuse not too long after with a lot of hard work.  I’m pretty sure we both almost shit ourselves when we couldn’t get into the car (The man pictured is not Abe).

Later, we went over to a friend’s place to watch the Bruins game and witness his little grill burn down.  I’ve never seen a fire extinguisher used before, but after that experience, I can tell you that they do indeed work very well and fast.  It was a sad night, the Bruins lost and the grill died.  Another surprise – I actually like Bud Light Lime and I really wish that I didn’t.  Sigh…

Sunday morning, our car failed us again.  The same fuse blew, so Abe replaced it, but it didn’t mend the problem.  It’s a much bigger problem than we initially thought and so… what do people do when their cars cause more problems than they are worth?  In our case, we freaking get rid of them and get something else because life is too short to drive a car that fails to get the job done.  Anyways, this totally screwed us.  We had to have a friend come get us and then drive like a bat out of hell in order to not be super freaking late.  In the end, we just barely got there in time but it was really too stressful for a Sunday morning.

We went to an engagement party where we ate loads of really fantastic Thai and Vietnamese food, and got to see a really nice Vietnamese engagement ceremony.  It was a good time and a beautiful day, but a long day in general.

I will try to be better about posting this week for all 15 of my readers! 

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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